Healthy machines by John Deere

At John Deere, they provide a range of hardware telematics solutions for equipment owners and operators. This range begins at an entry-level value offering and builds to a premium option. This keeps the cost and customer value top of mind.

“The value end of our offering comes into play when the customer doesn’t have a display on their machine, but they’re looking to get some user- or machine-specific data,” says Mike Karnopp, Module Manager at John Deere. “The key element here is machine uptime: monitoring that machine health and making sure the customer can keep performing at the highest level.”

Having a range of capabilities with our telematics solutions also gives customers the option to upgrade with minimal effort.

“We’ve designed our telematics solutions so you can easily upgrade to more advanced capabilities,” details Karnopp. “If they start at the value end, get more comfortable with it, and want more machine data — they’ll want to upgrade to premium, which has more horsepower to do more machine calculations and provide more machine data.”;

A global solution

Another benefit of John Deere telematics is that their premium offering has certifications in more than 70 countries, with the potential for future expansion. By offering a global solution, we’re able to avoid regional variants.

“If you have different requirements for one geographic location versus another, you have to configure your modem for that specific area,” explains Karnopp. “So, a global solution helps us to support all the different country requirements for communication.”

A global solution also allows us to have just a single SKU, which helps to streamline our manufacturing process.

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