DARTS 9030-M/MS: Multitarget Capability for Radar Sensor Test Solutions

dSPACE has added multitarget capability to two of its automotive radar sensor test systems: DARTS 9030-M and DARTS 9030-MS. A single unit can now simulate multiple independent radar echoes at the same time. A new software upgrade also provides multitarget capability for existing systems.

The software-based functionality extension allows for simulating up to four objects independently of each other. Each echo can be assigned its own distance, speed, and amplitude (RCS). The excellent signal quality of the simulated targets, as well as accuracy and reproducibility, are not affected by the simultaneous simulation of several targets.

Users can opt to purchase an extended software license for the simulation of two, three, or four targets. “By providing new functions through intelligent software, we are continuously improving our existing solution, preparing it for any future requirements,” explains Dr. Andreas Himmler, Senior Product Manager for automotive radar systems at dSPACE.

dSPACE added radar testing systems to its range of products last year, by entering into a cooperation with the radar specialists miro·sys and ITS. The dSPACE Automotive Radar Test Systems (DARTS) include solutions tailored to the entire value chain, from sensor testing by chip manufacturers to hardware-in-the-loop validation and end-of-line testing of vehicles by automobile manufacturers. The DARTS solutions are also used in homologation and the aftermarket.

DARTS 9030-M is a modular, high-frequency solution for automotive radar sensors, enabling the validation of radar-based automotive applications in many areas – from chip design to sensor development to testing driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicles. The system simplifies realistic over-the-air tests by simulating radar echoes of objects in road traffic with variable distances, speeds, and sizes.

The DARTS product family consists of solutions tailored to a multitude of applications, from compact systems for the laboratory desk to test benches that can be used in closed-loop operation with other simulators and test automation. The systems are modular, scalable, and fully software-configurable.

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