LCR Embedded Systems announces Customizable, Modular 6-Slot 3U VPX Chassis for Development Applications.

Ideal Benchtop/Rackmount Platform Made by the Ideal Long-Term Partner to Transition from Development to Deployment

A3U VITA 48.1/IEEE 1101.10 card cage, a variety of backplane profiles, 70W/slot.

June 3, 2019 – Norristown, PA – LCR Embedded Systems is pleased to announce the availability of its flexible, modular, highly customizable 6-Slot VPX development chassis for 3U VPX cards. The enclosure is 5U in height and suitable for benchtop or rackmount use, with 6 slots (5 payload and 1 switch), and two 2-slot PICMG 2.11 power supplies, and can cool up to 70W/slot with front-to-back forced-air cooling.

The OpenVPX enclosure can feature either a 3U VITA 48.1 or IEEE 1101.10 card cage with a variety of backplane profiles and other customization options available upon request.

“What with the experience we offer our customers in all form factors, applications, and deployment environments, LCR Embedded Systems is at our best when we get in on the ground floor of any application — while things are still in the development and prototyping stage,” said LCR Embedded President Dan Manoukian. “With hundreds of fielded and proven systems hard at work all over the world, we can offer customers the most advanced development platforms as well as the most advanced design and manufacturing capabilities when the time comes to move from the lab to the final deployment environment, however harsh it may be.”

“All of our development systems are more than just systems,” Manoukian added. “They’re also a promise that when the time comes to get your solution into the real world, LCR Embedded Systems’ full arsenal of capabilities is at your disposal to help you achieve your mission.”

LCR Embedded Systems, Inc.

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