OnLogic Introduces New Fanless Computers that Enable IIoT Innovators to Leverage New Intel Processors

Joining OnLogic’s Helix and Karbon lines, the new systems incorporate the latest Intel Atom, Celeron, and Pentium CPUs, formerly known as “Elkhart Lake”.

OnLogic has announced four new compact, industrial, and rugged fanless computing platforms powered by the new Intel® Atom® x6000E, Celeron® N and Pentium® J series processors formerly known as “Elkhart Lake”. The Helix 310, Helix 330, Karbon 410, and Karbon 430 join OnLogic’s line of highly customizable, passively cooled devices for use in Industry 4.0 applications.

“We’ve been working with Intel for over a decade to build solutions for the ever-evolving Industrial IoT landscape,” says OnLogic VP of Engineering Michael Kleiner. “Helix 300 and Karbon 400 have been engineered to take advantage of the new features built into the latest generation of Intel processors to enhance IoT functionality. From machine learning and artificial intelligence to advanced SCADA or networking, the combination of Intel technology and the plethora of configuration possibilities we’ve built into these systems means users can tailor a platform to their exact needs. The specialized solutions our clients will build with these news platforms promise to change the way goods are made, data is acted upon, and business is done in virtually every industry.”

Highly Configurable with Options for Specialized Solutions

IoT-specific features of the Helix 300 and Karbon 400 Series include the Intel® Programmable Services Engine (Intel PSE). The Intel PSE is a dedicated offload engine for IoT workloads powered by an ARM Cortex-M7 microcontroller, which enables enhanced real-time computing. The new systems also leverage OnLogic’s ModBay expansion technology, which allows users to customize systems with additional connectivity options via available M.2 and mPCIe slots.

Like most OnLogic devices, the systems will be available to configure and purchase directly from the company’s website, or by working with their global team of Solution Specialists. Each of the four new devices will be configurable with a range of Windows or Linux operating systems and can be paired with OnLogic’s suite of OEM services, including custom branding, software imaging, custom fulfillment services, and lifecycle management support.

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