Special Shaped Displays for the industrial sector: DATA MODUL presents extensive Freeshape range

The requirements for displays are growing constantly, and along with them also the need for special formats and increasingly unique product designs. In line with these market demands, DATA MODUL offers a wide range of Freeshape Displays, available in various shapes and sizes. This has enabled custom product designs based on high quality industrial displays with unique forms and functions.

The portfolio of the display expert ranges from traditional rectangular to round and square to stretched displays (bar type). It is also possible to choose from a multitude of different display technologies such as E-Paper, MIP, TFT, LCD, OLED, etc. In addition to different sizes and shapes, the Freeshape display range also includes unconventional designs, such as, round displays with a hole in the middle and displays with round or cut corners. The Freeshape variants are available from 1.3 inches up to the larger 37-inch diagonals.

“Alternative formats for displays are becoming increasingly important, especially for customised requirements in the product design. In the past, product designers were frequently restricted by the limited selection of available display formats. Our Freeshape portfolio contributes to closing this gap and allowing designers and engineers to overcome the existing limitations and develop unconventional display applications”, explains Torsten Mindach, Product Manager Display Solutions at DATA MODUL.

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