LectroCraft, Inc. has expanded its MobilePower™ product family with the MPW Wheel Drive.

The MPW Wheel Drive features a high torque-density brushless DC motor with a heavy duty integrated planetary gearbox mounted inside the hub of a lightweight aluminum wheel with custom tread.  Designed for mobile robot applications, the MPW combines optimum performance with high-efficiency, quiet operation and long life.

ElectroCraft MobilePower™ MPW series wheel drives feature an integrated design that provides increased performance and reliability compared to traditional motor/gearbox/wheel combinations.

The MPW52 (150 mm Wheel), provides a best in class peak torque of 12.4 Nm (110 lb.in) at 2.4 meters/second, while carrying up to 68 Kg load (150 lbs.) per wheel.

The MPW86 (200 mm Wheel), provides a robust peak torque of 35 Nm (310 lb.in) at 1.9 meters/second, while carrying up to 227 Kg (500 lbs.) per wheel.

Most impressive is the form factor and weight of the wheel drive assembly; it is small and lightweight while producing industry leading performance.  “The result of the integrated design of the MPW featuring ElectroCraft’s high torque density motor technology is in the overall efficiency and performance of the robotic application,” notes Scott Rohlfs Director of Product Marketing.  “Robotic OEMs can save space and reduce weight, without sacrificing load capacity and speed.”

The MPW provides a complete motorized wheel-drive solution for mobile platform OEMs, eliminating the need for the OEM to design a solution using disparate components from several different suppliers.  The ElectroCraft MPW is engineered for integrated efficiency; the motor, gearing, hub, wheel assembly and optional accessories provide a single-source solution for efficient battery-powered AGV and mobile robot applications.

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