Standardized Incubation and Imaging System Now Available to U.S. Clinical Microbiology Laboratories

BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company announced that the BD Kiestra™ ReadA is device listed with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The BD Kiestra™ ReadA, which is available as a standalone instrument, helps improve operational efficiency in clinical microbiology laboratories by automating routine plate management tasks and delivering accuracy through standardized digital image acquisition.

The BD Kiestra™ ReadA provides closed door incubation and high throughput imaging to streamline workflow, delivering high quality images for digital interpretation by laboratory staff. By reducing the time spent sorting plates combined with high-resolution imaging, the system helps enhance operational efficiency and may reduce time to result.

“Building on the landmark CE marking of BD Kiestra™ IdentifA in November, we continue to execute on our strategy of modular laboratory automation solutions. The BD Kiestra™ ReadA instrument is a first-to-market solution that will enable new customers to enter microbiology lab automation at the incubation and imaging step,” said Steve Conly, vice president of microbiology at BD. “The system transforms the manual, hands-on workflow of plate-reading to one that is automated and digital.”

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