ViaLite Links Used in Next Generation of Space Development

As the commercial space industry continues to develop and grow, private companies are increasingly investing in their own space development programs. Along with the large business opportunity, this brings with it many challenges and areas of difficulty. One such challenge is developing fully reusable launch systems, this critically gives material and financial savings.

Recent developments in the industry have seen an increasing number of successful trials and missions landing launch vehicles back on earth safely and accurately for re-use. RF over fiber experts, ViaLite Communications, are now helping companies in this market through the integration of their RF over fiber solutions into different parts of the ground segment communications systems.

ViaLite recently supplied its L-Band links, GPS links, associated outdoor enclosures, and indoor system chassis solutions to a major privately funded spaceflight services company. The L-Band link featured the market-leading ViaLite Hyper Wide Dynamic Range (HWDR) solution which provides a spurious-free dynamic range of up to 115 dB/Hz. The GPS links were supplied together with the unique ViaLite Multizone Lossless Splitter, for easy distribution of the GPS signals with effectively no signal loss. The products were used to operate the spaceflight company’s LBand communications link and for GPS based network server timing and synchronization.

ViaLite’s products were chosen for their “best in industry” performance and product deployment efficiencies, complimenting the spacecraft company’s advanced design and communication systems. These were vital attributes for the customer whose products are sent to both suborbital and orbital distances. Craig Somach, director of ViaLite sales in North America said: “We are very proud to be supporting the next generation of space development. Our advanced technology provides revolutionary optical and RF performance while allowing for a very efficient physical deployment and cost-effective solution to what has been typically used in the past.”

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