DATA MODUL presents a new product category: easyTOUCH Plus

DATA MODU announces easyTOUCH Plus, a new product line that consists of printed cover glasses optically bonded to its proprietary easyTOUCH PCAP products alongside a matching controller.

Similar to a modular assembly system, this enables flexible and individual implementation options that cater to customers’ requirements. In contrast to DATA MODUL’s established easyTOUCH Display line, easyTOUCH Plus products are delivered without a pre-assembled display. Due to their design and a high degree of stability, both the glass/touch assembly and the display can be integrated into a customer’s system smoothly and independently of each other. This approach offers customers more flexibility in selecting a suitable display for their PCAP application and additionally ensures an easy replacement process in case of service requests.

“The easyTOUCH Plus products can also be offered bonded directly to a TFT upon request. Customers can select the best TFT option from the extensive display portfolio that DATA MODUL has to offer”, as Markus Hell, Head of Product Management for Touch Solutions at DATA MODUL, explains, “The easyTOUCH Plus line adds the finishing touch to DATA MODUL’s existing PCAP portfolio. The concept enables customers to combine the fundamental components, such as cover glasses/touch screen, display and USB touch controller, in an individual and flexible way”.

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