OSS Receives $4.3 Million in DSU Purchase Orders for Military Radar Application as Follow-on to $36 Million Supplier Agreement

One Stop Systems, Inc has received two anticipated purchase orders of $4.3 million for OSS mil-spec data storage units (DSUs) to be fulfilled in the second half of 2020.

These purchase orders are in conjunction with the previously announced $36 million, five-year sole-source supplier agreement to provide mil-spec flash storage arrays for an airborne military radar application.

The DSUs use high-speed flash storage contained in removable canisters for the easy and secure transport of high volumes of data from surveillance aircraft to ground-base stations. The systems are capable of storing encrypted data collected in real-time from advanced radar and other airborne sensors. These orders are inclusive of airborne and ground systems, spare canisters, and support services.

“These full mil-spec products showcase the capabilities and benefits of our award-winning data storage units which feature our proprietary flash array technology, including high-performance, small size, lightweight and portability,” commented OSS president and CEO, David Raun. “These follow-on purchase orders demonstrate the benefits to OSS of winning major AI on the Fly® applications, and how our data storage flash array technology has become a new standard for the U.S. military.”

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