EIZO and Concurrent Technologies Announce High-Performance Single Slot 3U VPX CPU and GPGPU for Defense and Aerospace

EIZO Rugged Solutions Inc., a provider of ruggedized
graphics and video products announced that it has partnered with Concurrent Technologies to develop a single slot VPX CPU and GPGPU for air and conduction-cooled applications. The new product, BA 1TR/m03, offered through Concurrent Technologies, is a single slot board, based on the TR E8x/msd CPU board, fitted with EIZO’s Condor NVP2000 XMC module. The combined product is designed to maximize performance within a single slot for a range of processing and display
applications in the defense and aerospace market where physical space is limited.

Concurrent Technologies’ TR E8x/msd CPU is normally fitted with a 6-core Intel® Xeon® E-2276ME processor running at 2.8 GHz with up to 32 GB of soldered down DDR4 memory and a rich assortment of I/O. The default variant of the Condor NVP2000 GPGPU features H.265/H.264 hardware encode/decode capability and comes equipped with DisplayPort++ and DVI video outputs. In addition, EIZO Rugged Solutions offers variants of the NVP2000 that support SDI, VGA, and other video outputs to suit the customer’s needs. The combined product, BA 1TR/m03, can either be used to connect to multiple displays or used for processor-intensive applications by using the NVIDIA® 768 CUDA® cores as GPGPU resources.

Jane Annear, Managing Director of Concurrent Technologies, commented: “We have been working with EIZO Rugged Solutions for many years to provide exciting products for the defense and aerospace markets. This new combined product encapsulates the best of both companies and is a great example of collaboration between partners for the benefit of our mutual customers.”

Selwyn Henriques, President, and CEO of EIZO Rugged Solutions added: “This collaboration is extremely positive for both parties. The addition of Concurrent Technologies’ processor board to our existing GPGPU module allows us to deliver on the promise of minimizing Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) and to provide our customers with high performance, reliable solution for many of their challenging needs.”

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