OSS Orders for New U.S. Navy AI Threat Detection System Top $1.0 Million

One Stop Systems, Inc. has received more than $1.0 million in prototype orders for a military airborne AI threat detection system from a U.S. Navy prime contractor. More than $676,000 in orders have now shipped, with a purchase order for $350,00 in additional engineering work underway.

The new OSS AI on the Fly® system consists of a custom all-in-one rugged server using Gen 4 PCIe interconnect and NVMe storage, and powered by the latest GPU accelerators. The system has been designed for U.S. Navy P3 and P8-A aircraft to detect and identify enemy threats using AI algorithms, allowing the aircraft crew to take action in real time.

“By creating an AI-powered data center in the sky, this project represents a quantum leap in threat detection systems for P3 and P8-A Navy surveillance aircraft,” commented Jim Ison, OSS chief sales and marketing officer. “Our solution was chosen because of our proven capabilities with similar deployments and our continued edge AI technology leadership, including being first-to-market with PCIe Gen 4 technology that doubles the performance of HPC deployments on the edge.”

“These orders also underscore the unique capabilities and benefits of our award-winning AI on the Fly technology, including exceptional datacenter performance in a small, lightweight design that does not rely on slow wireless connections to a remote datacenter to make critical decisions,” added Ison. “As with our flash storage systems also used by the U.S. Navy, we anticipate the prototyping of this edge AI system will lead to full production orders for use on these aircraft and potentially others.”

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