New 4-Channel ET-4 Expert Transient from Delphin

CAS DataLoggers, in partnership with Delphin Technology, introduces a new model of the Expert Transient data acquisition system, the 4 channel ET-4. Designed for data acquisition and fault diagnostics, this system is especially suited for smaller applications that only require a few analog input channels.

A key feature of the Expert Transient family of is the ability to synchronously acquire multiple analog channels at sample rates up to 50 kHz. The ET-4 can operate as a standalone device recording to internal memory to capture both transient and periodical data. In the event of a fault, this enables precise identification of the sequence of events in a malfunction. Measurement data can be recorded either continuously or according to trigger conditions and events including the ability to define triggers to record pre- and post-event data. The ET-4 is equipped with powerful FPGA technology that provides extensive on-board intelligence for calculations, logic, and data analysis.

In addition to the 4 analog input channels, the ET-4 has 4 digital inputs to capture pulses, discrete inputs or digital triggers. An extension bus allows the system to be extended to over 100 analog or digital inputs with high-speed synchronization protocols.

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