DATA MODUL introduces new touch controller board solutions for small and medium-sized diagonals

DATA MODUL AG presents two new controller board solutions especially designed for PCAP touch applications in displays with small and medium-sized diagonals. The two new controller board solutions rely on different controller chips from the IC partners MICROCHIP and ILITEK and have different interfaces, which cover different sizes.

While the I2C controller board with the mXT640U chip from MICROCHIP is suitable for small diagonals up to 10.4”, the USB board is based on the ILITEK ILI2510 chip and supports the medium-sized diagonals of up to 21.5”. Upon request, the USB board is also available in combination with a matching 15.6” film based sensor.

With its two new controller board versions for small and medium-sized displays, the technology company is expanding its controller board portfolio, which up to now covered large-format diagonals with USB boards and ILITEK controllers.

“For a perfectly functioning PCAP touch system, the right controller and expertise in fine-tuning are essential. In order to be able to operate touch systems using gloves, multi-touch and under the influence of water, a sensor must have high resolution as well as be developed and offered with the right controller. Complete controller board solutions have the advantage of being very easy to connect to customer systems and require no additional connectors,” explains Markus Hell, Head of Product Management for Touch Solutions at DATA MODUL.

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