Datakey Releases CryptoAuthentication™ Line of Portable Memory Tokens New memory tokens make popular Microchip security ICs mobile

ATEK Access Technologies today announced the launch of its new Datakey CryptoAuthentication™ memory token line which gives embedded systems designers a rugged and secure portable memory device for authentication applications. The line of removable memory devices utilizes Microchip’s CryptoAuthentication family of high-security hardware authentication ICs, enabling embedded applications like:

  • Secure storage and transfer of keys, certificates and passwords
  • Secure credential with a unique, read-only serial number
  • Device authentication (anti-counterfeit) with countdown limit use
  • Secure boot and secure firmware update
  • Secure Crypto Ignition Key (CIK)

“Securing embedded systems is critically important, especially for networked and IoT devices,” said Paul Plitzuweit, senior product manager for the Datakey product line. “CryptoAuthentication memory tokens can be used for securely updating keys, enabling locked features or for providing access to users as part of a multi-factor authentication system.”

The new Datakey IAT4.5Kb and IAX4.5Kb CryptoAuthentication memory tokens utilize Microchip’s ATSHA204A CryptoAuthentication IC and contain 4.5 kilobits of programmable memory, consisting of a 512-bit one-time programmable zone and a 4096-bit data zone that is divided up into 16 256-bit slots. Each slot can be configured for read-only or read/write access in either clear or encrypted modes. The Datakey IAT10.5Kb and IAX10.5Kb tokens utilize Microchip’s ATECC608A CryptoAuthentication IC. It has similar capabilities to the ATSHA204A but has a 9664-bit data zone and provides hardware support for asymmetric encryption algorithms.

Slightly smaller than an SD card, the proprietary-shaped IAT memory tokens utilize solid over-molded construction using an engineered composite, making them physically robust. The tokens also feature contacts on both sides, so tokens can be inserted into receptacles with either side up. The tokens mate with Datakey SlimLine™ receptacles, which come in both board-mount and panel-mount varieties and are rated for 50,000 insertion/removal cycles.

In addition to the memory tokens, ATEK has also produced two extension boards that plug into the extension ports on the ATSAMD21-XPRO development board that is part of the Microchip DM320109 CryptoAuthentication Xplained Pro Starter Kit. The extension boards feature Datakey SlimLine receptacles and allow the CryptoAuthentication memory tokens to be used with the Microchip starter kit.

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