Concurrent Technologies announces their first VPX™ board based on the latest generation Intel® Xeon® E Processors

Concurrent Technologies announced their first VPX™ processor board based on the Intel® Xeon® E-2200 processor family (previously known as Coffee Lake Refresh) just launched by Intel® for use in long life-cycle embedded applications.  Air-cooled boards will be available for shipment in Q3 with rugged conduction-cooled variants due for qualification testing in Q4 this year.

The default variant of TR E8x/msd is fitted with a 6-core Intel® Xeon® E-2276ME processor running at 2.8 GHz with up to 32 GB of soldered down DDR4 memory and a rich assortment of I/O including on-board graphics.  These features make it particularly suitable for supervisory compute, display and storage tasks in the military, aerospace, transportation and industrial markets.

Security is a key design requirement for this product – all TR E8x/msd boards are shipped with Boot Guard enabled to ensure that only firmware authorized by Concurrent Technologies can be executed.  Secure Boot is also permanently enabled, so that the operating system and application software are validated before execution.  A TPM 2.0 device is fitted to act as a secure safe for encrypted key storage. For additional protection against external threats, Concurrent Technologies offers optional sanitization utilities or our proprietary security package to prevent against intrusion.

The board has been designed with a flexible PCI Express® (PCIe) configuration, to enable connection to several peripheral boards without a PCIe switch.  The normal configuration has two x4 data plane ports with a further option to have up to three x4 data and expansion plane ports all running at Gen 3 speeds.  An on-board PCIe switch has DMA and Non-Transparent Bridge capability to enable high throughput transfers and multi-processor board configurations.

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