Mercury Systems Announces Rugged Servers with Second Generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

New rugged rackmount servers deliver the latest data center-level performance

to enable customers to efficiently power their C4ISR edge applications

Mercury Systems, Inc. unveiled its rugged rackmount server product lineup featuring Intel® Second Generation Xeon® Scalable Processors (formerly code-named “Cascade Lake”). Mercury’s new EnterpriseSeries™ RES-XR6 line of configurable servers, equipped with the latest Intel processors, enable users to customize a solution which provides the optimum balance of compute density, size, weight, and power (SWaP),  based on their specific application needs.

Known for their high performance, configuration flexibility, environmental resiliency and availability, Mercury’s server platforms provide the processing backbone for key artificial intelligence (AI), radar, C4ISR, and tactical networking defense applications.

“Our customers require the latest processing platforms to stay ahead of and counteract adversarial threats,” said Scott Orton, Vice President and General Manager of Mercury’s Trusted Mission Solutions group. “Mercury partners with industry leaders, such as Intel, to ensure rapid technology adoption, allowing our customers to tailor solutions optimized to meet their current needs and scalable to ensure future mission success.”

Mercury’s EnterpriseSeries RES-XR6 Server Highlights:

• Improved efficiency for AI applications: Intel® Deep Learning Boost extends Intel Advanced Vector Extensions-512 (Intel AVX-512) to accelerate inference applications and speed up dense computations characteristic of convolutional neural networks (CNNs) and deep neural networks (DNNs).

  • Tailored Performance: To meet current and future processing requirements, customers can fine-tune server configurations with the latest Intel Xeon Scalable processors including Platinum 8200, Gold 6200 + 5200, Silver 4200 and Bronze 3200 with 2-way and 4-way multiprocessing. The EnterpriseSeries RES-XR6 can be configured with 2-4 Intel Scalable Processors (112-224 cores). Intel’s Optane Data Center persistent memory technology enables quicker access to more data by directly attaching multiple terabytes of memory, a maximum of 6TB, to the CPU.
  • Configuration Versatility: A robust array of form-factors, high speed I/O, storage options, security features, patented technologies and expansion choices allow users maximum flexibility. For specialized customer applications, Mercury’s in-house facilities support rapid prototyping of modified COTS test and evaluation units with 3D model prototypes available within 48 hours.
  • Engineered for harsh environments: EnterpriseSeries servers meet a wide range of military specifications including MIL-STD 810G, 461F (EMI/RFI), 901D (shock), 167-1 (vibration), 1474-D (airborne noise), and 740-2 (structural borne noise). Advanced thermal and mechanical design features deliver superior resilience to shock, vibration, dust, sand and temperature extremes. Additional reliability features, testing, and certifications are available upon request.
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership: Greater performance per dollar and extended operational life with scalability options, enables customers to consolidate workloads, resulting in more virtual machines per server, fewer total servers and lower total cost of ownership.

Mercury Systems Inc.

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