Klocwork employs stricter standards and increased features

Klocwork overview stricter standards, increased features, and shorter development cycles make it easier for development teams to find bugs and avoid security holes. The goal is to identify problems early on and, ideally, to help prevent bugs. Klocwork’s Shift-Left approach already helps the developer to program by simultaneously analyzing the currently processed part of the program in the background. Early detection of problematic code parts before build reduces the later testing effort. There are several hundred so-called checkers available, which examine the software for malicious code, buffer overflows, memory leaks, coding standards, etc. and help you to fix them. Of course, own checkers can be implemented, so that the analysis can be adapted to the application.

One of the strengths of Klocwork is the interaction of the client analysis with the server components. Projects can be centrally managed and configured and synchronized with the client, including a complete analysis of the application for the application responsible. Thanks to the collaborative functions, the subsequent tasks can be distributed through direct feedback in the IDE, but also through connection to external systems (eg bug trackers) and thus accelerated. Over 100 different metrics make Klocwork a powerful reporting tool that provides IT managers with the most up-to-date overview of the quality of the software as well as historical data used to represent the evolution of application code issues over a period of time. A reporting generator offers the opportunity to answer complex questions about the security and maintainability of the entire code base in minutes. In addition to continuous reporting, continuous analysis in the application lifecycle is becoming increasingly important. Klocwork provides plug-ins for popular continuous integration systems such as Jenkins, so analyzes do not have to be done as part of a nightly build, but are triggered right after a developer commits. Only the changed components are considered and a real-time overview of the quality status of the application is possible.



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