The Future is Now – Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality are Emerging to Dominate New Systems and Capabilities

As Yogi Berra once observed, “making predictions is difficult, particularly if it involves the future.” But in this case, the future is now.

Consider the following scenario:
The new and enhanced attack vehicle has just sustained an intense firefight. With the enemy in retreat the commander asks the system itself for a damage report. In a Siri-like voice, it responds that there was limited damage but that the vehicle can return to base but at a lower speed. The commander can see from the main display a 360 degree image with a virtual display of enemy resources ( from drone communications) superimposed. Central command also receives the images and directs the drone to oversee the egress with its missiles. Base maintenance crews have been alerted to the damage and have the replacement parts waiting. On return the vehicle system will guide maintenance to the location of the damage and illustrate how to reach it. The commander appears as a virtual image within actual Central Command and is debriefed while he is still in the field.

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