High Performance Network Platforms For Tomorrow's Networking Challenges

High Performance Network Platforms For Tomorrow’s Networking Challenges


“The No Compromise Option”

Lodestar Series

Introducing a series of high performance network platforms providing developers with deployment-ready solutions with a greater degree of flexibility.

Gone are the days of simple packet forwarding equipment. Today’s network
appliances must deal with a ridiculously high data bandwidth while handling
many different protocols, flow and session tracking, and prioritization rules
based on deep packet inspection. All the while keeping an eye out for
suspicious activity. To top it off, all of these activities must be done in a realtime,
low-latency manner or you run the risk of bogging down your network and
disrupting your services. Solving these challenges places an enormous demand
for processing power and I/O bandwidth on today’s networking platforms.
PARPRO’s Lodestar series of network platforms have been designed to meet
the demanding needs of tomorrow’s networks. We set out to design a family of
products with these four important objectives: