Security / Surveillance

Implementing Security in Embedded Linux

Whitepaper Implementing Security in Embedded Linux Systems May 2016 While hackers had their sights on IT, embedded devices for the most part were spared. Until recently. Hackers have begun targeted more traditional embedded platforms. Ironically [More…]


Monta Vista DevRocket

Whitepaper MontaVista DevRocket:Eclipse-Based IDE for Platform and Application Development May 2016 MontaVista DevRocket is the integrated development environment (IDE) that supports MontaVista Linux Platform and Application development. DevRocket delivers a set of tools designed to [More…]


How good is your software?

How good is your software? By John Koon, editor-in-chief, RTC Magazine Good software performs the tasks you specify securely, safely and reliably. Moreover, it has to meet specific criteria such as application-specific, real-time requirements if [More…]


Software Defined Radio Handbook

Software Defined Radio Handbook By Rodger H. Hosking, PENTEK Thank you for your interest in Pentek’s Software Radio Handbook, written by Rodger Hosking, Vice President and Co-founder of Pentek. The handbook proves to be a [More…]