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Thunderbolt: A Potential High-Speed, Multiprotocol Serial Interconnect

Once upon a time there was LightPeak. LightPeak was/is Intel’s bid to bring optical interconnect technology into the personal computer realm. Introduced in 2009, LightPeak was tecRead More...

Industry Insider

Industry Insider

Open-Silicon Licenses Broad Range of ARM Technology ARM and Open-Silicon have signed a comprehensive multi-year licensing agreement for a broad portfolio of ARM technology. This incluRead More...

Technology Connected

Extending Electronic Functionality with Printed Electronics and Printed Memory

Less expensive and more flexible than silicon, Printed Electronics (PE) are rapidly gaining traction, enabling applications that would not be practical with conventional electronics. InRead More...

Technology Deployed

Four Key Steps to Address Security Threats in Embedded Systems

A piece of pop trivia: In the Rebooted series, what was so special about the Battlestar Galactica spaceship that it survived the initial Cylon attack and went on to lead the survivor flRead More...

Technology in Context

An Aerial View of COMs vs. SBCs from 30,000 Feet

System designers have several viable options for their embedded computer and I/O board architecture. While technical articles, advertisements and datasheets tend to bury designers with Read More...

Technology in Systems

Video and Display Technology at the Intersection of Full Multimedia Immersion

Today’s video and display technology designers are afforded more resources and flexibility than ever before to deliver stunning, ultra-immersive HD visual experiences for a wide rRead More...