September 2011

Editor's Report

1 Terabit on a Chip – New Memory Technology Rises to Challenge NAND Flash

A new nonvolatile memory technology is gearing up to challenge high-density NAND Flash memory in both commodity mobile devices as well as in enterprise storage. It is being dRead More...

Industry Insider

Industry Isider

Google Buys Motorola Mobile In a move that has unleashed endless speculation, Google has bought Motorola Mobile, the electronics giant’s cell phone handset division. Some are Read More...

Technology Deployed

Simplifying Robot Software Design Layer by Layer

Robot software architectures are typically a hierarchi¬cal set of control loops, representing high-level mission planning on high-end computing platforms, all the way down to motRead More...

Technology in Systems

Machine to Machine – Intelligent Devices Talking to Each Other

Most end-users and indeed most engineers have a very human-centric view of Internet—people using computers to view web pages, send email, download content, transact business, eRead More...