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IoT and Cloud Computing Gear Up for Military Duty


Industrial IoT and Open Source: Opportunities and Challenges


By 2020, analysts expect over 50 billion smart devices to be connected to the Internet, creating a significant opportunity for software developers, hardware makers and cloud providers alike. Orchestrating all those devices will pose significant challenges in privacy, scalability and security. Imad Sousou, vice president of the Open Source Technology Center at Intel Corporation will talk about the opportunities and challenges the industrial IoT landscape presents and how secure end-to-end open source solutions will drive this growing market forward. 

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IoT and Cloud Computing Gear Up for Military Duty

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud Computing phenomena continue to skyrocket in the consumer, industrial and IT markets, the defense industry is eager to leverage whatever they can from those technologies. What gets confusing however is that the underlying parts of IoT and “the cloud” are pretty much the same things the U.S. military has been evolving toward for several years now. Case in point: the military has long been interested in perfecting ways to move data captured from a multitude of sensors and collecting it on a virtualized “cloud” network where it can be used from any remote location. 

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By Jeff Child, Editor-in-Chief

Net-Connected Systems Wrestle with Cybersecurity

Cyberattacks pose the greatest threat in today’s connected world. They are unpredictable, inescapable and they can disrupt lives in many ways. A successful attack can overload a network so you cannot access the services you need as in the case of distributed denial of services (DDoS) reported recently or bring down your smart energy grids to cause a blackout. Some time ago, Ukraine power grids were attacked by Russian hackers, not once, but twice. The second one caused a power outage for 230,000 people. Worse, hackers were able to track the military unit in Ukraine and compromise their military intelligence. 

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John Koon, Sr. Editor


A New Class of Microcontroller-Based FPGAs

Despite the growing use of FPGAs across a broad spectrum of applications, major vendors have been pursuing two rather narrow and divergent paths with today’s FPGA architectures. The market is very clearly divided, with high-end SoC FPGAs on the one end that incorporate multiple application processor cores, and low-end FPGA solutions on the other, consisting mainly of logic elements. Suppliers have gravitated to one of two very different approaches: they either offer SoC FPGAs with high-performance ARM A class application processors, or they deliver low-end FPGAs with no processor. 

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by Ted Marena, Microsemi Corp.

Embedded World
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Data Acquisition in High Speed Ethernet & Fibre Channel Avionics Systems

As avionics applications grow in complexity and sophistication, these systems are increasingly turning to the use of high speed serial data networks based on Ethernet and Fibre Channel to meet the ever increasing demand for data bandwidth. As these types of networks become more common in new avionics systems, new and unique solutions are required for flight test data acquisition. This paper addresses several of the key considerations which much be addressed when designing a flight test system for the acquisition of avionics Ethernet and Fibre Channel data. 

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By Avionics Interface Technologies

Windows 10 IoT Security

This whitepaper will discuss how the Windows 10 IoT product family – Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, Windows 10 IoT Mobile, and Windows 10 IoT Core – offers one platform designed for the security requirements of a range of device types. As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to evolve, it becomes increasingly important to build devices on an IoT platform that correctly balances security needs, the user experience, and the resource constraints of diverse devices. Windows 10 IoT is that platform. Windows 10 IoT provides robust security capabilities through strong identities (both device identities and user identities), secured data, and secured connections. This paper will discuss key aspects of IoT security and how Windows 10 IoT empowers original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to create secured devices that will delight cust

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By Microsoft

One Stop Systems
Elma VPX ATR Systems
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NEW from AMP: CompactPCI Serial HD-SDI H.264 Video Encoder

Advanced Micro Peripherals

The HDCorder-SDI is an intelligent high definition video recording solution that accepts a HD-SDI input at up to 1080p60 and encodes it to the H.264 video encoding standard. The CompactPCI-Serial board solution is ideal for demanding applications in Military, Communications, Transportation, mining and Energy industries.

The HDCorder-SDI is a standard 3U CompactPCI -serial module and supported for Linux and Windows.

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New 40W rugged DC-DC converter: Gaia-Converter 1.68” x 1.25” MGDD-40 series

Gaia Converter

The new MGDD-40 with 4.5-33V and 9-60V with 80V/100ms input voltage ranges is ideal for Mil-Aero & rugged applications, wide enough to sustain transients without additional protection. With efficiency as high as 90%, 2 isolated outputs to cover 3.3V to 52V. It is full featured and protected, and comes in the compact 1.68”x1.25”x0.31” encapsulated case.

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3U VPX SBC Serves Up Xilinx Zynq Ultrascale+ SoC 


PanaTeQ has introduced the VPX3-ZU1, an expandable SBC a 3U (100 x 160mm) OpenVPX compatible board. The VPX3-ZU1 owes its performance. In a single device, the Zynq UltraScale+ integrates a Quad-core 1.5GHz 32/64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 based Application Processing Unit (APU), a Dual-core ARM Cortex-R5 based Real-Time Processing Unit (RPU), an ARM MALI-400 based GPU and a large Programmable Logic (PL) Array. The device also includes on-chip memory, external memory interfaces, and a rich set of peripheral connectivity interfaces.

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Arrow Electronics


Guidelines for Hardware Design for Windows 10 IoT Core

With the introduction of Windows 10 IoT Core, Microsoft is bringing strong enterprise-grade security features that can be leveraged on smaller, resource constrained classes of IoT devices. In order for these security features to offer tangible benefits, the hardware platform must also provide a means to anchor them. This document provides high-level guidance to OEM device builders and security conscious ‘Makers’ who are looking to select appropriate hardware and build, configure, and ship a secure IoT device to their customers. 

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By Microsoft

Critical Techniques for High-Speed A/D Converters in Real-Time Systems

Markets for high-speed A/D converters are significant in size and many are growing rapidly. New markets emerge regularly based on A/D technology advances, lower costs, and the general trend of replacing older mechanical and analog systems with DSP (digital signal processing) systems. DSP offers significant advantages for handling signal complexity, communications security, improved accuracy and reliability, reduced size, weight and power. Commercial users of high-speed A/Ds include wireless mobile communication systems, airline radar systems, air traffic control towers, ship communications, and wireless networks for home, office and public facilities. Industrial uses include medical imaging systems and process control systems for manufacturing. 

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By Pentek

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