Digi International Unveils Digi Foundations: A Comprehensive IoT Hardware, Management Applications and Technical Support Package


Digi International announced the availability of Digi Foundations™, which combines hardware, software applications, services and support in a comprehensive IoT-in-a-box package that simplifies and speeds the process of creating connected digital ecosystems, especially those with mission-critical applications. 

As wireless data technologies spread throughout every industry, organizations seek to extend connected solutions to multiple sites in order to manage key assets, track inventory and deployments, and ensure compliance and security. Until now, they have been forced to manage multiple providers with disparate hardware, software, data, asset connectivity and infrastructure solutions.

Addressing these challenges by providing a complete solution, Digi Foundations touches every element of IoT deployment, including management and analytics. Beginning with the physical hardware, Digi Foundations builds upon edge intelligence. Digi’s offerings place bi-directional data and computation where it makes the most sense – at the sensor, gateway, business center, cloud, or in any combination – while also providing access to data from intelligent edge devices previously beyond reach. 


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