Putting the Mobile into Wearable Devices

Wearable devices for consumer represent substantial market opportunities for design engineers who understand the implications of IoT, social media and ecosystem development. BY JOY WRIGLEY, LATTICE SEMICONDUCTOR The markets for consumer-oriented wearable devices are growing [More…]

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The Yocto Project: Challenges and Opportunities

Complexity in processors and systems leads to complexity in software, especially with a vast open source entity like Linux. The Yocto Project helps developers navigate the path through complexity, hardware compatibility, source dependencies and open [More…]

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Practical Energy Harvesting Implementations for Sensor Nodes Using Low-Energy MCU and RF Devices

by Matt Saunders, Silicon Labs While energy harvesting is certainly not a new concept, recent advances in performance versus energy consumption for both RF and microcontroller (MCU) devices mean that building an energy harvesting application, [More…]