mini-ITX Industrial Mainboard For 24/7 Continuous Service

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A new mini-¬ITX mainboard is specifically designed for 24/7 continuous service. The D3243-S from Fujitsu is based on the Intel Q87 Express chipset and supports DDR3 1333/1600 SDRAM memory components as well as the complete range of 4th-generation Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processors with LGA1150 sockets. The mini-ITX mainboard is made from particularly rugged, long-lived components and is designed for industrial embedded applications with operating temperatures between 0° and 60°C. It meets industrial standards concerning CE (EMC and safety), burst, climate, shock, vibration etc.

The D3243-S comes with Intel HD Graphics, for example HD4600 is already integrated into the processor. In terms of graphics display, the compact mini¬ITX board supports DVI-I, Dual DP V1.2, and dual-channel 24-bit LVDS for up to three independent displays. Further features already integrated available onboard include PCI Express x16 Gen3 and Mini-PCI Express, 8-bit GPIO and multi-channel audio, a mSATA socket (SATA III) for the embedded operating system, six USB2.0 and two USB3.0 sockets. Furthermore, the D3243-S comes with two sockets for Intel GbE LAN, which also enable teaming of several network cards. The LGA1150 socket has a high degree of scalability, higher performance, lower cost as well as a lower level of capital commitment, which also entails a reduction of inventory risk.

Also already integrated onboard, is the Infineon Trusted Platform Module (TPM) V1.2 that enables extensive protection of data and licenses. The D3243-S mainboard also boasts further safeguards against unauthorized access to data, namely the password protection of the BIOS and hard disks, as well as the BIOS functionality EraseDisk, which enables safe erasure of the hard disk. On the other hand, there is the Recovery BIOS function that makes it possible to repair malfunctioning firmware.

Tokyo, Japan