VITA 67 RF Tuner System with Intel Core i7-Based VPX Processor

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A fully integrated OpenVPX-based (VITA 65) SDR development system features VITA 67 RF connections. The  XPand1202 from Extreme Engineering integrates one XPedite7470 3U OpenVPX Intel Core i7-based SBC, up to four DRS SI-9138 3U VPX VITA 67.1 dual-channel RF receivers and one DRS SI-7138 3U VPX VITA 67.2 RF frequency reference module. This completely standards-based system also includes OpenVPX Ethernet and PCI Express (PCIe) switches, as well as an OpenVPX backplane with 3U VPX VITA 62-compatible power supply slots. 

The XPand1202’s VITA 67 RF connectors enable the SI-9138 and SI-7138 to access sensitive analog signals directly through the backplane. This simplifies module installation by removing the need to manually connect cables between payload modules after they are inserted. It also reduces system size, weight and power (SWaP) by eliminating the extra space needed for routing these cables between the front panels of the installed modules. 

The SI-9138 modules utilize their state-of-the-art dynamic range and phase noise performance to analyze the system’s incoming RF waveforms and digitize them using a 16-bit ADC sampling at 128 MHz. The digitized waveforms are time-tagged and formatted using VITA 49 Radio Transport (VRT) and are then transported on the backplane via a high-throughput x4 PCIe interface to the XPedite7470 SBC for processing.

The installed modules communicate with each other over an OpenVPX backplane using both PCIe and Gigabit Ethernet. PCIe is utilized for sending high bandwidth data between the SI-9138 RF receiver modules and the VITA 48 REDI XPedite7470 SBC, and it is routed through the OpenVPX XChange3012 PCIe switch. Gigabit Ethernet is used for sending command and control messages between the payload modules and is routed in the backplane as a dual-star configuration from each payload module through two separate 3U VPX Ethernet switches, the XChange3012 and XChange3011. The XChange3012 can provide a switched SerDes 1000BASE-X port to each payload module slot, while the XChange3011 provides a switched 1000BASE-T port to each payload module slot. Both of these networks could be accessed outside of the system through external Gigabit Ethernet ports from the switches.

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