Enhanced Shelf Management for ATCA and eATCA Systems using Atom C2000 Family

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An enhanced ATCA / eATCA system management module is based on the new Intel Atom processor C2000 product family. The SMM-5060 module from Advantech provides ATCA-compliant management while optimizing user experience and integrating added value features. With these enhancements, the SMM-5060 enables faster development and deployment of high-performance networking elements based on the popular ATCA standard, yet also improves the total cost of ownership by simplifying field maintenance and service operations.

The SMM-5060 acts as a centralized access point simplifying tasks such as system health monitoring, inventory control and performing platform firmware or BIOS upgrades of blades. Advantech’s unique SoL Proxy software allows controlling the consoles of each blade over the system via a single, protected SSH session.

Gone are the days when users needed to establish up to 16 sessions, one per blade, using a raw RMCP+ protocol to manage an ATCA system. Using a single SSH session drastically simplifies the service access to a complex platform like ATCA and makes it much handier to use. With the new Intel processor’s support for hardware offload, management traffic to and from the system can be encrypted and decrypted on the fly, yielding utmost operational protection as users gaining access to the Shelf Manager have full control over the platform. Support for RADIUS and TACACS/+ authentication simplifies the integration into secure management frameworks deployed in the networks.

With up to eight cores in 22nm technology, the new Atom C2000 processor provides sufficient processing power to host additional custom or third-party software components on the SMM-5060. At the same time it offers outstanding performance per watt and price-performance ratios through the tight integration of on-chip functions like four GbE ports and crypto acceleration.

Hard disks or SSD drives can be connected to the SoC’s integrated SATA ports enabling the SMM-5060 to function as a network boot and file server to the system’s ATCA blades. This is designed to greatly reduce costs by eliminating the need for dedicated drives on ATCA blades and allows workloads to be dynamically assigned to individual blades. For example, Advantech’s specialized remote BIOS access features supported on their MIC-533x series of Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 based blades allow the SMM-5060 to automatically select the most optimized BIOS and platform configuration, which yields the optimal performance for a given workload.

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