ATCA Blade Targets Communications Applications for 40G Internet Bandwidth

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A high-performance AdvancedTCA (ATCA) processor blade features the dual Intel Xeon E5-2600 v2 product family (formerly “Ivy Bridge-EP”) of processors paired with the Intel Communications Chipset 8920 series (formerly codenamed “Crystal Forest Server Refresh”). The aTCA-9700 from Adlink Technology offers enhanced thermal and power management capabilities for energy efficiency, while still supporting the intensive computing requirements of carrier-grade media server, networking and wireless infrastructure applications.

The aTCA-9700 supports a dual-dual star 40G Fabric Interface and is designed with dual Intel Communications Chipsets 8920 for 40G IPsec performance. These capabilities enable telecom equipment manufacturers and network equipment providers to develop powerful, high-bandwidth solutions for mission-critical applications and offer a smooth upgrade and growth path.

The new Xeon processors for large-scale communications infrastructure systems provide more cores within the same thermal envelope, thus providing exceptional overall power efficiency. This is the first Intel Xeon processor family with extended lifecycle support to offer 10-core/single-socket to 20-core/dual-socket configurations. When pairing these processors with the Communications Chipset 89xx series, this platform provides hardware-based acceleration and the general purpose processing needed for today’s demanding communication workloads.

The aTCA-9700 40 Gigabit Ethernet processor blade offers eight channels of VLP DDR3-1866 and REG/ECC memory up to 128 Gbyte, and provides versatile connectivity through quad 40GBASE-KR4 Fabric Interface channels, dual Ethernet 10/100/1000BASE-T Base Interface channels, and dual front panel 10/1001000BASE-T egress ports. Additional I/O includes two USB 2.0 ports, VGA, USB1/2, LAN1/2 and COM1/2 (mini-USB) on the front panel. Onboard bootable storage of 16G SATA flash (up to 64G) is included. Support for Intel Hyper-Threading Technology and QuickPath Interconnect provides increased performance from both single and multi-thread workloads while maintaining thermal and energy efficiency.

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