Type 10 Nano COM Express Module for Low Power in Tight Spaces

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A solution is being offered for users with a Type 10 carrier board who want to improve performance, find a smaller footprint for applications in tighter spaces and operate smoothly in temperatures that can range between -40° and 80°C. At 84 mm x 55 mm and driven by Intel’s Dual-Core Atom N2800/2600 processor, the new PCOM-B21A from American Portwell fills the restricted space needs, and also provides improved graphics support at less than 12W for a fanless solution.

PCOM-B21A also includes DDR3 memory up to 4 Gbyte (N2800) and 2 Gbyte (N2600); four PCIe x1 lanes that can be configured to one PCIe x4; eight USB 2.0 ports; dual independent displays via VGA, LVDS and DisplayPort (DP); a tested operating temperature range of -40° to 80°C (N2600); and an optional onboard SSD to provide fast operating speed and maintain the small footprint.

The new PCOM-B21A Type 10 COM Express module is targeted for applications in fields such as automation, medical, military, networking, outdoor digital signage and transportation. One of the key benefits is that it supports all Type 10 carrier boards and extends their operating functionality into a much wider temperature range.

American Portwell
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