Third Generation Core i7 Processor Boards for AMC Solutions

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Four new AMC single board computers all offer a choice of dual or quad core third Generation Intel Core i7 processors based on 22nm process technology, and supporting up to 16 Gbyte DRAM. These four AMC products from Concurrent Technologies are designed to meet the needs of different applications by varying form factor, backplane fabric and I/O interfaces

The AM 910/x1x is a single-width processor board with PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 3 backplane connectivity. It is a plug-compatible upgrade for the previous generation AM 31x/x1x. Users of the AM 91x/x1x could experience an increase of up to 15% in CPU performance and an increase of up to 50% in graphics performance when compared to previous architectures while operating within the same power budget as previous Intel Core processor-based AMC products. The PCIe Gen 3 capability complements the increased processing power by effectively delivering double the bit rate of PCIe Gen 2.

The AM 93x/x1x combines the power-efficient 3rd Generation Intel Core processor with Serial RapidIO backplane connectivity. Systems designers can take advantage of the board’s processing power, high-performance backplane fabric connectivity, and the peer-to-peer networking performance of Serial RapidIO to develop large multiprocessing systems. Applications that require large amounts of data to be transferred efficiently can be executed without processor involvement. 

The AM 92x/x1x is designed in compliance to AMC.0 including full hot swap and IPMI capabilities along with AMC.2 Type E2 (2x Gigabit Ethernet) and AMC.3 Type S2 (2x SATA ports). Additionally, the front panel provides connectivity to a Gigabit Ethernet port, DisplayPort interface, a USB port and RS-232 port. Bootable Flash memory can be supported via an optional onboard SATA Flash module. The AM 92x/x1x and the AM 93x/x1x processor boards are suitable for MicroTCA- and AdvancedTCA- based telecommunications applications such as IPTV, digital media servers, media gateways, broadband – Long Term Evolution (LTE) or LTE-Advanced, wireless base stations, and in test systems for wireline and wireless networks.

The AM 90x/x1x is a double-width single board computer designed in compliance to AMC.0, AMC.1 Type 8 (x8 PCI Express, Gen 1, Gen 2 or Gen 3), AMC.2 Type E2 (2 x Gigabit Ethernet) and AMC.3 Type S2 (2 x SATA ports). The distinguishing feature is the support for the MicroTCA for Physics (MTCA.4) standard, which provides rear I/O and precision timing extensions to the MicroTCA architecture, thereby extending the MicroTCA architecture to applications related to physics research.  

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