PCI/104 Communications Controller with Integrated Encryption Accelerator

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A communications controller is configured to deliver high performance in communication systems. The Tiny-PPC837 from Advanced Micro Peripherals is an industry standard PCI/104 Express form factor card offering both PCI Express and traditional 32-bit PCI interfaces. The Tiny-PPC837 has been expressly designed for demanding digital video storage and video streaming applications.

Advanced features include a fanless conduction-cooled operation, 2 Gbyte high-speed 400 MHz DDR memory, an integrated security encryption accelerator and dual integrated Gigabit Ethernet ports. The Tiny-PPC 387 is suitable for use in a host of extreme situations where robust communications can mean the difference between success and failure including: portable test equipment, industrial automation controllers, AUV and robotic applications among many others. The Tiny-PPC837 is backed by comprehensive and easy to use software tools and has full technical back-up from AMPs video experts.

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