Fourth Generation ATCA Shelf Management Solution

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A new fourth generation Shelf Management Mezzanine (ShMM) product has been tested in customer shelves for many months, and multiple customer-specific Shelf Manager boards are now in development. The ShMM-700R module from Pigeon Point Systems is priced about 30% below the predecessor ShMM-500R, which is the dominant independent shelf management solution in the worldwide ATCA market. Based on the 204-pin DDR3 SODIMM form factor, the ShMM-700R is also about 20% smaller than the ShMM-500R, yielding even more packaging flexibility. The ShMM-700R’s flexibility and carefully crafted implementation philosophy were recognized at its introduction with the ATCA Summit 2011 Best of Show award for infrastructure products.

Release 3.0.0 of the Pigeon Point Shelf Manager supports the ShMM-700R, the ShMM-500R and the ShMM-1500R, continuing the record of quality and stability that the ShMM-500R and ShMM-1500R have earned in the most demanding applications of ATCA. With the ShMM-700R, the Shelf Manager runs on Pigeon Point Linux, which is based on the 2.6.34 revision of the Linux kernel.

The ShMM-700R uses a Freescale i.MX287 ARM9-based main processor to execute Linux and the Shelf Manager application, plus a Microsemi SmartFusion A2F060 intelligent mixed signal FPGA for critical supplementary functions. (Pigeon Point also delivers SmartFusion-based variants of its market-leading Board Management Reference (BMR) series of xTCA board and module management controller solutions.)

The ShMM-700R is Pigeon Point’s first offering based on the Pigeon Point Management Mezzanine or PPMM-700R physical module. After the VITA 46.11 standard is finalized within the VITA, the PPMM-700R will also be offered as a VITA 46.11 Chassis Manager, the ChMM-700R.

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