Embedded Platform Speeds Development of Qseven-Based Systems

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A new embedded platform is designed for the fast development of embedded systems with Qseven modules. The MSC Q7-MB-EP4 platform from MSC Embedded is designed to support the latest version (1.20) of the Qseven specification, and offers system integrators a ready-to-use carrier board with added functionality and I/O flexibility for easy customization.

The MSC Q7-MB-EP4 embedded platform provides a broad range of the interfaces commonly used in embedded applications, such as a dual Gigabit LAN, five USB 2.0 ports (four external), an RS-232 (pin header), an AC97 audio port and Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) interfaces. CAN signals are also available via a special pin header. An RS-232 Debug port for a console output simplifies Linux software development, which is especially important for MSC’s Qseven modules using ARM technology. For the integration of standard displays, the embedded platform provides LVDS via a JILI30 connector and a DVI connector. Additionally, the platform integrates a controller for the connection of a resistive touch screen and provides the power supply for a backlight.

For added functionality of the 148 x 102 mm compact motherboard, a mini PCI Express slot has been integrated, which supports a wireless LAN card. The mSATA slot provides an easy way to add a SATA-based flash memory card. Additionally, the MSC Q7-MB-EP4 embedded platform can be individually configured via the integrated MMC/SD card slot. The  platform supports the industrial temperature range of -40° to +85°C. The compact Qseven module is mounted via a proven MXM connection on the solder side of the MSC Q7-MB-EP4 baseboard, making it easy to thermally connect the Qseven heat spreader to a metal enclosure and provide fanless heat dissipation. Pricing for OEM quantities starts at $160.

MSC Embedded, San Bruno, CA. (650) 616-4068. [].