COM Express Development Platform

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A COM Express Development Platform enables early development and rapid prototyping for COM Express and XPand6000 Series-based systems from Extreme Engineering Solutions. The CX-DP includes all of the functionality of the XPand6000 Series with support for a COM Express module, a PMC or XMC, and an SSD, all conveniently housed in a desktop setup with standard commercial I/O connectors. With the CX-DP, the transition from development to the target XPand6000 Series system or custom COM Express carrier card is made easy. 

The CX-DP provides a single COM Express site with AB and CD connectors. For Freescale QorIQ-based development, the CX-DP supports Type 5FS and Type 10 COM Express modules; and for Intel CoreTM i7 processor-based development, the CX-DP supports Type 6 and Type 10 COM Express modules. It provides a single PMC/XMC site, along with a single PIM/XIM site for PMC/XMC I/O, one RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet connector, two USB 2.0 connectors, two DB-9 serial connectors, one mini DisplayPort connector, one eSATA connector, one PCIe Edge card slot, three internal SATA connectors, two internal USB 2.0 connectors, and a single COM Express I/O Module (CIM) site for access to I/O not available at the fixed connectors. Removing the ATX case cover provides access to internal fixed I/O and PIM I/O.

An integrated fan located below the PMC/XMC site provides ample airflow for the most power-hungry modules. The CX-DP requires only +12V from the ATX power supply. It generates +5V, +3.3V and -12V supplies, avoiding voltage drops and power distribution problems commonly associated with using high-power cards and ATX supplies.

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