Family of 12 Volt Integrated Power IC Solutions Delivers High Power Density

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While many small embedded modules may integrate a range of devices with differing power input requirements, it is desirable to have one power input to the module itself. This, then, entails regulating the power inputs to serve the different onboard needs—a job that can become complex and space-hungry. A family of fully integrated 12 volt DC/DC converters is implemented in power MOSFET technology with double the power density over alternative solutions to address this challenge.

According to Enpirion, which is emphasizing its focus on miniaturizing DC/DC power systems in applications such as telecommunication, enterprise, industrial, embedded computing and storage systems, the addition of the EN2300 family seeks to address this challenge with a line that includes the EN2340QI 4 amp, EN2360QI 6 amp, EN2390QI 9 amp and EN23F0QI 15 amp devices. 

These devices capitalize on Enpirion’s PowerSoC technology, which integrates the controller, power MOSFETs, high frequency input capacitors, compensation network and inductor. The EN2300 family offers small solution sizes with highly efficient performance, high reliability and a dramatic reduction in time-to-market. Customers have already validated these benefits with more than 50 design wins ahead of the official market release.

Enpirion’s proprietary high-speed transistor structure is implemented in 0.18u LDMOS process and excels at the ability to operate at high frequency while reducing switching losses. This is consistent with the focus on driving high-speed, low-loss power MOSFET technology as the key enabler for delivering the highest efficiency solutions with leading power density. The EN2300 devices offer compact solution footprints from 4 amp at 190 mm2 to 15 amp at 308 mm2, which represents up to a sixty percent area reduction versus competing alternatives at comparable performance. The devices support an input voltage range of 4.5 to 14V and an output voltage range of 0.6 to 5V.

Enpirion’s EN2300 devices are available now. The EN2340QI is priced at $3.56, the EN2360QI at $4.41, the EN2390QI at $6.60, and the EN23F0QI at $9.00 in volumes of 1k units.

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