Mentor Embedded Simplifies Linux and Open Source Development with Support of the Yocto Project

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Mentor Graphics is releasing its next generation Mentor Embedded Linux platform, which includes support for the Yocto Project, an open source collaborative project established by The Linux Foundation. By leveraging the Yocto Project, the Mentor Embedded Linux platform helps developers easily build Linux-based embedded systems, independent of hardware architecture. With the new Mentor Embedded Linux platform, developers also gain the ability to easily select the best Linux kernel for their needs, whether that kernel was developed by Mentor Graphics, by a semiconductor company, or by any third party.

Linux usage has experienced significant growth beyond traditional networking applications. The Yocto Project was created to provide open source, standardized tools and resources to support embedded development. As an advisory board member of the Yocto Project, Mentor Graphics is a key driver of this open source technology. Building on its previous acquisitions of CodeSourcery and Embedded Alley, Mentor Graphics continues its contribution to open source by participating in the Yocto Project.

The Mentor Embedded Linux platform supporting the Yocto Project is integrated with the Mentor Sourcery CodeBench and Sourcery System Analyzer tools. Mentor’s Sourcery CodeBench professional-quality GNU toolchain is a complete development environment for embedded C/C++ development on the leading hardware architectures. The Sourcery System Analyzer tool is a comprehensive system and application performance analysis tool that speeds performance analysis on multicore systems with visualization of multiple data sources in synchronized timeline views.

The Mentor Embedded Linux platform includes reference board support packages (BSPs) for leading hardware platforms, including those from Broadcom, Freescale, Intel and Texas Instruments. The Mentor Embedded Linux platform also supports QEMU, allowing users to develop Linux systems in simulation without using actual hardware. For more information on the Mentor Embedded Linux platform and to download the free PandaBoard and BeagleBoard Linux Kits, visit

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