Extremely Small Fully Embedded Wi-Fi Module

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What is being billed as the world’s smallest fully embedded Wi-Fi module allows fast and easy application development of low power sensor and actuator solutions—enabling devices, machines and other systems to connect directly to the Internet for a wide range of emerging machine to machine (M2M) applications. With the RTX4100 Wi-Fi module, embedding Wi-Fi directly inside a device makes installation extremely simple as it can use existing infrastructure and works “out of the box” with applicable cloud services.

The module is suitable for application development due to its small footprint, high efficiency and low power consumption, which is achieved through the use of the Energy Micro EFM32 Gecko MCU and the Qualcomm Atheros AR4100 Wi-Fi System-in-Package. At a time when the growth of the Internet-connectable M2M market is soaring, RTX’s new Wi-Fi module will meet the demand for small low-cost and low-power products. The small RTX4100 Wi-Fi module, measuring just 30x18 mm, reduces the complexity involved in advanced Wi-Fi application designs. Developers can bring their product to market faster using less energy and space compared to existing solutions. This module is an expansion of the Qualcomm Atheros ecosystem that leverages the AR4100 low-power 802.11n Wi-Fi, enabling use of small footprint, low cost and low-power microcontrollers for the “Internet of Things” application space.

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