Type 6 COM Express Module Features ECC RAM Support for New Carrier Board Designs

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A new Type 6 COM Express embedded computer module uses Intel’s second-generation quad-core and dual-core Intel Core i7/i5 processors. The PCOM-B217VG-VI-ECC from American Portwell has a Type 6 connector pin assignment, which is the successor to Type 2. It adds the DisplayPort and high-speed USB 3.0 peripheral support contained in the latest high-performance processors and chipsets in place of parallel PCI and IDE interfaces that are no longer present in most new chipsets. 

The PCOM-B217VG-VI-ECC module features an error-correcting ECC memory controller for higher system and data reliability, and Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 which dynamically increases the operating frequency of processor cores beyond baseline levels—even beyond 3GHz—according to workload and real-time power and temperature measurements. This frequency increase is complementary to hyper-threading, which raises the performance of multi-threaded and single threaded applications. The processor-integrated graphics engine supports high-end media/graphics capabilities and delivers greater graphics performance while reducing overall platform power requirements.

Expansion options on the developer PCOM-C210 COM Express Type 6 carrier board include: More PCIe 2.0 add-on cards and devices are supported with one PCIe x16 2.0 (configurable as two x8 or two x4 and one x8), and six PCIe x1 2.0 (configurable to one x4); LPC interface; SMBus/12C interface; and high definition audio interface. The faster x16 interface improves the performance of commercial market graphics cards (GPUs) for gaming, imaging and surveillance applications.

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