15W I2C Power Manager Charges Li-Ion Cells at 3.5A

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A high-power, I2C controlled, high-efficiency PowerPath manager acts as a diode controller and lithium-ion battery charger for single-cell portable devices such as tablet PCs, ultra-mobile PCs (UMPCs), personal video players, smart phones, digital cameras, PDAs, portable medical and industrial devices and personal navigation devices. The LTC4155 from Linear Technology is designed to efficiently transfer up to 15W from a variety of sources while minimizing power dissipation and easing thermal budgeting constraints. The LTC4155’s switching PowerPath topology seamlessly manages power distribution from two input sources such as a wall adapter and USB port to the device’s rechargeable lithium-ion battery while preferentially providing power to the system load when input power is limited. 

Because power is conserved, the LTC4155 allows the output load current to exceed the current drawn by the input supply, maximizing use of the available power for battery charging without exceeding the input supply power delivery specifications. For example, when powered from a 5V/2A wall adapter, the IC’s switching regulator efficiently transfers over 90% of the available 10W, enabling up to 2.4A charge current and resulting in faster charge times. 

A simple 2-wire I2C port provides broad adjustability for many system control parameters including charge current, input current (including USB 2.0 and 3.0 compatible settings) and float voltage. The communications bus also allows the LTC4155 to provide status information such as battery temperature, input supply status, charger status and fault status. 

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