Compact COM Express Solution for Rugged Mobile I/O Applications

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A new mobile compact computer baseboard is compatible with COM Express compact size standard computer modules. The A-Brain from New Embedded Technology is designed specifically for such rugged mobile computer applications such as androids, robots, UAV and wearable computers where extended temperature, shock and vibration are a critical factor of the environment. It is also suitable for fixed outdoor settings requiring small size and in an environment that is not friendly to regular computers such as security monitoring, RFID control, green energy data acquisition, outdoor Kiosk and harsh external research data collection. 

The A-Brain features a baseboard 95 mm square and includes on the top I/O side two low-profile RJ45 Gigabit LAN connectors, Mini-PCIe I/O board socket with hard screw/nut mounting and standard Type II CF IDE Flash for diskless booting. Also available are two SATA ports with one standard and one locking connector. Included on multiple locking connectors are eight USB 2.0 ports, four RS-232 ports, VGA, eight digitally buffered GPIO, and RESET/POWER/External LEDs multi-use connection. The fourth serial port can become a RS-422/485 interface as a factory option.

The A-Brain has the capability of utilizing any embedded COM Express CPU module that meets the PICMG standard for its processing while providing additional I/O expansion particular to the mobile and military market. The unit can be used with a passive cooling plate with compact size 95 mm by 95 mm SBC modules. Whether the application requires a high-end dual core processor, a low-power Intel Atom processor or an ARM processor, New Embedded Technology can provide a system solution to match a specific requirement. Power is provided to the A-Brain through a small locking 12-pin power connector with a cable adapter available, able to be connected to any ATX power supply. New Embedded Technology can also provide internal DC-DC mounted ATX power supplies, the size of a quarter coin, with models available to be powered by 12V regulated, 24-28V and 12V battery power sources and up to 120W of ATX output.

The product life cycle is designed to last longer than most COM Express standard modules with a minimum 5-year life span. By combining the benefits of both the COM Express and Laptop MINI-PCIe standards, a more cost-effective time-to-market is achieved no matter what the quantity. Prices range from $249 to $569 depending on features and options. Volume pricing is also available.

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