Compact, Rugged Server Class System Uses High-End Xeon CPUs

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A server class rugged 1U computer system for the embedded military market is based on the highest performing processors on Intel’s road map, the Quad and Dual Core Xeon chipset. Incorporating these processors in a small, rugged module fulfills the new Virtual Machine Server concept, and the U.S. Army’s mandate of a minimum of 3 GHz processors for its systems. 

The S279 Axiom from General Micro Systems is available with the latest Intel Xeon—either two Quad Core LP, with up to 2.7 GHz of power, or two Dual Core, with up to 3 GHz. Dual Core variants operate in environments ranging from -40C to +85°C and Quad Core variants from -40C to +80°C. Through its patented cooling technology, which eliminates gap pads, GMS has been able to successfully package these super high-performance processors in such a small envelope and still meet rugged system shock and vibration requirements. The miniature 1U rugged Axiom measures only 11” x 7” x 1.75” and is compliant to MIL-STD 810G, MIL-STD 704E and MIL-STD 461F. 

With I/O interfaces such as PMC/XMC, MiniPC and ExpressMini, as well as custom I/O via SAM and SAMVideo, the Axiom is suitable for Headless Network servers or Virtual Machine systems hosting six to eight independent images of different operating systems, each with a specific mission. Each “image” may have its own bootable drive or share one drive array, RAID or NAS. The Axiom incorporates the ATI Radeon E4690 MXM graphics chipset, which delivers more than three times the 3D graphics performance of previously available modules, with low CPU utilization and brilliant picture quality. Its visual capabilities make the Axiom a natural for the military in areas such as video surveillance, radar processing, target acquisition and synthetic vision. 

Additionally, the Axiom supports up to 32 Gbytes of 144-bit ECC DDR2 memory, features an ultra-fast dual Front Side Bus, each with up to 1333 Mega Transfers per Second, has dual 10 GigE ports and three GigE ports with TCP/IP Offloading engine, ultra-high-performance Dual Pipe video with dual DVI-I ports, and up to 256 Gbytes of 1.8” rugged SSD (optional). The Axiom is available with or without a removable drive, and is compliant with VxWorks, Linux and WindowsXP/7/Server 2008 software. Single quantity pricing starts at $18,000.

General Micro Systems, Ranch Cucamonga, CA. (909) 980-4863. [].