COM Express Basic Form Factor Now with the New Type 6 Pin-Out

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Coinciding with the launch of the COM Express 2.0 specification by PICMG, Kontron has introduced an additional version of the Computer-on-Module ETXexpress-AI based on the new COM Express Type 6 pin-out definition. As compared to the Type 2 pin-out definition for COM Express Basic form factor modules, the new Type 6 pin-out offers configurable Digital Display Interfaces (DDI) SDVO, DisplayPort and HDMI/DVI along with 23 PCI Express Gen 2 lanes. This provides more native display options and higher serial bandwidth than previously possible. Most noteworthy is that the native support for all the new display interfaces simplifies carrier board designs, reducing time-to-market and total cost of ownership for graphics-intensive applications. The extensive PCI Express support underscores the trend of moving away from legacy parallel interfaces toward pure serial embedded system designs for higher bandwidth and reduced latency. This represents a smooth transition path for application designers looking to enhance their designs with next-generation technology such as faster drives and peripherals.

The performance of the Kontron Computer-on-Module ETXexpress-AI is scalable using four Intel Core i7 and Core i5 processors. All versions support up to 2 x 4 Gbyte Dual Channel DDR3 ECC SODIMM memory modules and offer a comprehensive set of interfaces via the COM Express Type 6 connector: 1x PCI Express Gen 2 Graphics (PEG) also configurable as 2 x PCIe x8, 7x PCI Express x1, 4x Serial ATA, 8x USB 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet and Intel High Definition Audio. All graphic interfaces of the new COM Express module can also be used in parallel. In addition to dual-channel LVDS and VGA, developers can draw from the Kontron ETXexpress-AI Type 6 exported interfaces DisplayPort, HDMI and SDVO. The integrated Intel Active Management Technology Intel AMT 6.0 offers extensive remote management capabilities including out-of-band management. An 8V – 18V wide range power adapter for simplified power supply rounds out the feature set. Operating systems supported include Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Embedded Standard 7 and 2009, Linux (such as Red Hat Enterprise, SuSE, Red Flag, Wind River Linux) and VxWorks. 

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