COM Express Modules Sport Latest Atom CPUs

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Two Compact format COM Express modules are powered by the latest Intel Atom D410/D510 processors at 1.66 GHz coupled with up to 4 Gbyte DDR2 memory. The COMX-430 and COMX-440 COM Express modules from Emerson Network Power have a wide range of built-in devices to connect to standard PC interfaces including LCD (LVDS) and CRT displays, both SATA and legacy PATA disks, PCI Express and PCI peripherals, USB devices and Gigabit Ethernet networks. They support a range of solid-state disks via the SATA interface or CompactFlash via the IDE interface on the carrier. Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7 and Fedora 12 Linux operating systems are supported as standard.

The COMX-430 and COMX-440 are based on the common Type 2 COM Express pin out and are Compact format (95 mm x 95 mm). This makes them suitable for both existing applications requiring a new processing module from a trusted vendor as well as new applications that need to incorporate off-the-shelf PC controller functionality onto custom I/O baseboards. The modules are designed for use in a variety of applications that require low power consumption, scalable performance and easy-to-use embedded PC functionality. Typical applications include industrial control, kiosks, clinical display systems, panel PCs, and diagnostic and test equipment.

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