Rugged Atom-Based SBC the Size of an iPhone

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A new Intel Atom-based rugged SBC offers extremely low power consumption combined with an exceptionally small footprint and high performance. The Atom XPC40x (extended temperature, conduction-cooled) and Atom XP40x (standard temperature) from General Micro sytems satisfy the intense demand for an ultra-small com¬puter with full-size processing power.

Easily accommodating 64 gigabytes of storage via onboard solid-state disk in its miniature 3.5 x 2.5 x 0.5” package, the Atom XPC40x and XP40x boast 533 MHz DDR-2 SDRAM and are powered by a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor that provides 512 Kbytes of cache. With full laptop functionality, the module offers high-performance graphics with 3D accelera¬tion, and includes five USB-2.0 ports and support for two Express Mini Cards for Wi-Fi, CanBus or other user I/O.

The Atom XPC40x is designed to operate at -40° to +85°C with a maximum thermal gain of only 5°C above ambient. Because of its heat tolerance, it is ideal for applications where ambient temperature is high, such as a controller located in an engine compartment or for small robots and UAVs working in extreme temperatures. With its exceptionally low power consumption/dissipation (3W average, 10W peak), it imposes little to no impact on the user, eliminating many inherent problems with wearable computers. Low power consumption means that the smallest support batteries can be used and the length of battery operating time is greatly increased. An additional benefit of its small size is security: in situations where storage needs to be removed for security reasons, now personnel can actually remove the whole computer.

As the smallest form factor currently produced by GMS, Atom XPC40x and XP40x are sutiable for applications that extend far beyond the military to fields such as medical and law enforcement. GMS also offers fully integrated systems based on this module.

The Atom XPC40x and XP40x support Windows XP/XPE, Vista, LINUX and VxWorks. Pricing starts at $1,295 for the conduction-cooled XPC40x and $695 for the standard-temperature XP40x in single quantities.

General Micro Systems, Rancho Cucamonga, CA. (800) 307-4863. [].