8051-Based ASP Family with Integrated Low-Power Programmable Digital Logic

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Optimized for applications requiring programmable digital peripherals, a new family of application services platforms (ASPs)—the PSoC3 architecture from Cypress Semiconductor—enables the integration of digital peripherals including PWMs, Timers, Counters, UARTs, glue logic and state machines. Additionally, the CY8C32xxx Programmable Digital PSoC 3 family offers customizable digital functions and interfaces lowering overall system power by migrating traditional CPU functions to programmable digital logic. 

The CY8C32xxx devices address a broad range of applications including interface bridging, I/O expansion, power-up sequencing and peripheral control. These applications are common in end markets such as communications equipment, servers and motor control. The Programmable Digital Family is now sampling along with the original three PSoC 3 families: the CY8C38xxx Precision Analog Family, the CY8C36xxx Performance Analog Family and the CY8C34xxx Analog Lite Family. 

The new CY8C32xxx family is powered by up to 24 Universal Digital Blocks (UDBs) each consisting of a combination of uncommitted logic (PLD), structured logic (8-bit datapath) and flexible routing to other UDBs, I/O or peripherals. The UDBs can be programmed with a large library of pre-characterized digital peripherals, and can also be customized using Verilog code to implement uncommon functions and interfaces that traditionally require a low-power CPLD. 

The programming and customization is simplified through the PSoC Creator integrated development environment (IDE). PSoC Creator provides fully tested, pre-packaged analog and digital peripherals easily customizable through user-intuitive wizards and APIs to meet specific design requirements. Additionally, the CY8C32xxx family includes basic analog peripherals such as a 12-bit Delta-Sigma ADC, internal voltage reference, two comparators and an 8-bit DAC to enable easy interfacing to analog signals. Samples of the four PSoC 3 families are available today, with full production expected in the third quarter of 2010. Package options include 100-pin TQFPs, 48- and 68-pin QFNs and 48-pin SSOPs. 

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