MMC Management Solution Using ACTEL SmartFusion

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A new module management controller (MMC) board management reference (BMR) starter kit is based on Actel’s SmartFusion intelligent mixed signal programmable/configurable application services platforms (P/C-ASPs). SmartFusion integrates an FPGA, a 40 MHz hard ARM Cortex-M3-based microcontroller subsystem (MSS) and programmable analog. The new kit addresses the MMCs on AdvancedMC (AMC) modules, which are used in both AdvancedTCA (ATCA) carriers and MicroTCA (µTCA) shelves, collectively referenced as xTCA. 

Compared to other core silicon used for xTCA management controllers, SmartFusion extends valuable features for xTCA management controllers including customizability due to the built-in flash FPGA, which can integrate board-specific logic into the SmartFusion chip, reducing footprint and cost; in addition, relevant selections from Actel’s rich library of IP blocks can be installed in the FPGA fabric to augment the hard-logic peripherals as needed. The advanced analog processing with zero load on the ARM processor is able to do xTCA-aware analog sensor monitoring; xTCA-oriented analog sensors and other analog sensors are configured and processed in a unified way in the programmable analog subsystem.

Included in the kit is a benchtop management controller development board that is implemented in an AMC form factor, which means that it can be inserted into any compliant AMC slot. In addition, the kit incorporates a complete SmartFusion FPGA design in a Libero Integrated Design Environment (IDE) project, complete firmware including full source code in C for both the management controller code and development tools, comprehensive documentation and a production license that grants designers the rights needed to design and bring to market an AMC product. There are two kit variants available: one for customers who choose to work in an ATCA-focused bench top context, and the other for companies who prefer to work in a µTCA-focused bench top context. 

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