Compact, Ruggedized, Fanless System Expands Flexibly

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Compact, Ruggedized, Fanless System Expands Flexibly

A series of compact, rugged, reliable, low-power systems aimed at high-reliability data acquisition and control applications is based respectively on field-proven, PC/104-expandable Helios and Athena II single board computers from Diamond Systems. Diamond’s 2-in-1 small form factor SBCs enable complete systems with built-in data acquisition to stand just 1.7 inches tall.

The ready-to-deploy Octavio systems can be ordered with a range of standard configuration options, including processor type/speed, case height, integrated DC/DC power supply, DIN-rail attachment bracket and integrated data-acquisition subsystem. Octavio is highly shock and vibration tolerant, and operates fanless over an extended temperature range of -40° to +85°C. Its rugged enclosure was designed to eliminate most internal cables, resulting in enhanced ruggedness and reliability in both fixed and mobile environments.

Octavio’s optional built-in data acquisition subsystem provides sixteen 16-bit A/D channels with up to 100 KHz data conversion rate, 512 or 2048 sample FIFO, depending on model, and autocalibration for maximum accuracy. Additionally, the DAQ subsystem provides: four 12-bit analog outputs; 16, 24, or 40 digital I/O lines (depending on model); and counter/timer functions for sample rate control or general-purpose timing. All standard I/O interfaces are accessible via industry standard connectors on the system’s front panel. The front panel also supports I/O from selected members of Diamond’s field-proven PC/104 add-on module line.

All Octavio systems come preloaded with a small-footprint Linux 2.6-based operating system, enabling first time use within minutes. Application development based on the system’s optional data acquisition subsystem is greatly simplified due to the inclusion of Diamond’s Universal Driver software, utilities and demo sources. Support for Windows CE 6 is optionally available with Octavio-HLV models, and support for QNX is optionally available with Octavio-ATHM models.

Octavio’s pricing—which in volume starts below $550 and varies according to SBC choice, flash disk size, case height and other options—starts at $605 for the Octavio-HLV (800 MHz VortexDX CPU) and $940 for the Octavio-ATHM (500 MHz VIA Mark CoreFusion CPU), at quantity 1. 

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