Quad-Core Blade Server in New CoolShell Package

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Quad-Core Blade Server in New CoolShell Package  

The principle barrier to higher compute density in modular electronic packaging is the cooling and mechanical stabilization of high dissipation devices, most notably the new breed of multi-core microprocessors and high-performance Graphics Processing Units. The CoolShell technology from Themis Computer provides a thermal and kinetic management system that is stable and stiff, with a conduction-cooled Processor Module “shell,” complete with external air flow paths, heat exchangers and impeller assembly combined in a single, field-replaceable unit (FRU).

Themis’ CoolShell CS-3U is a modularly maintainable, commercial blade server system that packs an extended complement of processing, memory and IO, into a compact 3U, 17.75-inch deep rackmountable CoolShell Subrack. All modules are replaceable from the front, increasing uptime and significantly reducing maintenance costs. All cable connections are on the FRU front panels, so no rear access is required. The CoolShell CS-3U includes five replaceable modules; a dual socket processor blade, an I/O module that accommodates up to three double high PCI Express controller cards, media plus NIC module and two power supply modules. The CoolShell CS-3U fits in a standard 19” rack. 

Key CoolShell CS-3U features and specifications include one or two Intel Quad-Core Xeon 5440 series CPUs, up to 64 Gbytes memory and three high-performance dual headed graphical processing units. The blade supports up to 1 Tbyte HDD (SATA drive) in Media Module and five additional 2.5-inch SSD/HDDs in optional storage expansion. There are eight copper Gigabit Ethernet ports (RJ45)—seven of which can be configured using optical-fiber ports (SFP) instead of copper.

The unit is designed for environmental robustness and can withstand up to 30G, 25 ms shock and 1G rms vibration (10-2000 Hz). It meets MIL 901d, 810 and 167 and operates at up to 50°C temperature. The CPU electronics are protected from dust and dirt, and it features reduced electromagnetic radiation emission. Linux, Microsoft Windows and Solaris X86 operating systems are supported.

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Fremont, CA.
(510) 252-0870.